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the mosaic of God of Dreams – Hypnos

It was the bedroom (dormitiriim) of the owner. It is unique presentation of this God in the world.
The mosaic is multicolour (red, ellow, green, blue, black, white, brown) with stylised floral motifs wreathed in a certain geometric rhythm symbolising bow and arrow.
On every arrow we could see a small flower in a very elegant position.
In the middle is the round medallion bodered with meandre and on them, by very miniature cubes and skilfuly bleneded shades, presented the Greek God of dreams Hypnos in the shape of young winged boy, leaned on the pillow.

Hypnos was the personification of sleep, his twin brother was Thanatos (Death) and his mothes was the primordial godess Nyx (Night). His palace was the cave where the sun never shines. He was privileged because the youngest doughter of Zeus, Harita, was promised to him. In Roman mithology, he was called Somnus.

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