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Risan is the oldest settlement in Boka. It is mentioned way back in the 3rd century BC as an Illyrian fortification. According to written sources, Risan was a shelter for the great Illyrian queen Teuta, in the time of the Roman invasion.
Risan is a home to mosaics originating from the Roman period, namely the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd century AD. One of the mosaics displays a representation of Hypnos, god of dreams, the only of its kind on the eastern Adriatic coast. The total area of the mentioned complex occupies circa 790m2 and it consists of a rectangular central space. In the eastern part there are five rooms beautifully decorated with mosaics, remains of which can be seen today as well. The last room has the most interesting and the most artistically valuable mosaic. Triangles, squares, rhombuses and rectangles are created on a basis of a fine white mosaic, while the central field has 16 quadrants. What gives it a particular beauty and charm is a medallion of god of dreams Hypnos, bordered with black stones with white meanders.
Risan is one of the largest archeological localities in this region, especially its area called Carine, located near hotel Teuta. Not far away from Risan, there is a place called Lipci, known for its prehistoric drawings on a rock, displaying representation of deer walking from left to right. The deer are placed in two rows with several geometric motifs surrounding them. These drawings originate from the Iron Age, i.e. 800 BC.

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