Podijeli objavu

The solemn opening of the exhibition of drawings “TIDES“ by an academic painter, Marija Tošković will take place on July 1st , 2017 (Saturday) at 12:00 at the locality of the Roman Mosaics in Risan.
Tamara Živković (flute), 2nd grade student of the “Vida Matjan” secondary music school, the class of the Professor Tamara Knežević Kovač, will perform in the musical part of the program.
Marija Tošković was born in 1980 in Belgrade.
She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Portugal, the Universidade de Évora.
She is a member of the Association of Portuguese Graphic Artists and one of the founders of the graphic atelier Contraprova in Lisbon. She is also a member of the ULUS.
Marija Tošković lives and works in Belgrade. She had many individual and group exhibitions.

Visitors can see the exhibition consisting of 20 drawings in the period of July 1st to July 8th, 2017.
The exhibition is organized by the Tourism Organization of the Municipality of Kotor.

Here are the impressions from the opening of the exhibition of drawings called “TIDES” by academic painter Marija Tošković, held on July 1st, 2017 at 12:00 at the locality “Roman Mosaics” in Risan.
On behalf of the Tourism Organization of Municipality of Kotor, visitors were greeted by Emilija Radulović, the locality’s coordinator, while the exhibition was solemnly opened by Aleksandra Simeunović, art historian.
Tamara Živković, 2nd grade student of the secondary music school Vida Matjan Kotor performed the composition “Fantasy in A-moll” for flute solo by Teelmann, class of professor Tamara Knežević Kovač.
Exhibition can be seen until July 8th, 2017.
Photo by Ranko Maraš