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Roman Mosaics in Risan – 2nd century AD


Risan was under Roman occupation from the 1st to the 4th century AD. Its Latin name was Rhison and it had the status of a municipum. Citizens of the municipium had same rights as citizens of Rome, one of the most important being the voting right. Construction and urbanization of Rhisonium were particularly developed during the time of the Flavians and continued progressing throughout the following century, i.e. the time of the Antonini, who ruled from 96 to 192 AD, the period in which the Roman Villa in Risan is believed to have been built. The Roman mosaics represent remnants of the Roman Villa Urbana from the end of the 2nd century AD. The mosaics were mentioned for the first time by a member of the French Army, Viala de Sommier in his documents called Les Mosaiques romaines, from 1820. Afterwards, they were discovered by the Director of the Museum of Cetinje, DušanVuksan, in 1930. Namely, a complex covering area of 790m² with five rooms decorated with mosaics was discovered. In the period of 1957 to 1959, its conservation, restoration and presentation were fully completed. Decades afterwards, in 2004 two more mosaics were discovered by a research archaeological center from Warsaw, and it was published on their website. Apart from the mentioned mosaics, one more was found in a vicinity of the VasoĆuković Hospital, as well as a part of another small mosaic from the Illyrian period in Carine. The last restoration was carried out in 2007, in cooperation with the USAID, the Tourism Organization of Kotor and the Government of Montenegro.


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