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Cijena ulaznice na Rimskim mozaicima

Na osnovu Odluke o visini cijene ulaznice na Rimskim mozaicima, donešene 28.09.2016 godine, koja stupa na snagu od 01.01.2017 godine, određuje se cijena ulaznice na Rimskim mozaicima koja se naplaćuje turistima koji samostalno I u okviru organizovanih grupa, posredastvom turističkih Agencija, drugih pravnih lioca ili preduzetnika registrovanih za obavljanje turističke djelatnosti, posjećuju Rimske mozaike.

Određuje se visina cijene ulaznice na Rimske mozaike u iznosu od 3.00n eura sa uračunatim PDV-om od 7 % po jednom posjetiocu.

Za posjetioce koji posjećuju Rimske mozaike u okviru organizovanih grupa odobrava se popust od 50 % na cijenu ulaznice.

Opening of the exhibition of official posters which follow Montenegrin films and theatre plays took place on the locality ‘’Roman Mosaics’’ in Risan, on Sunday, 21/08/2016.

Opening speech was held by Vanja Kovačević, journalist and publicist who works in the culture section of the RTCG (Montenegrin public broadcaster). Vanja emphasized how the author, Danijela Popović from Podgorica, has a gift to transform a story into picture and to subtly and at the same time meaningfully bring the essence of the story to life.

‘’Danijela has the ability to provoke and interest a viewer with her posters. And most importantly, to make them go to the cinema, the only appealing kind of dark’’ – Kovačević said.

The opening was attended by numerous guests and tourists including her colleagues from the RTCG, Slavko Kalezić actor, representative of ‘’Konzul’’ gallery in Podgorica and many others.

On behalf of the town of Risan, both the eldest citizen of Risan Boško Ćuković and a young mister Marko Radulović handed her the flowers and thus symbolically expressed respect of both young and elderly generations.

Part of the reception was also the ‘’Roman Girl’’, who represented the locality with her appearance.

Danijela Popović graduated in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, in 2001, in the class of the professor Mile Grozdanić, and also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business at the University of Montenegro Faculty of Economics. She works as a director and assistant director in the RTCG. She comes up with the follow-up  graphics (signatures, slides, opening credits) as a part of her job.

The exhibition is taking place on the locality until the 03/09/2016.

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